Oracle OpenWorld as Digital Tipping Point

What is Happening? The Oracle OpenWorld event last week was noteworthy, although not necessarily for the usual reasons. We heard the expected, quote-worthy range of claims, assertions and insults to competitors from founder Larry Ellison. And we saw several significant product/service announcements, including the Oracle 18c “autonomous” database, designed to run in a fully-automated fashion, […]

ISG’s Inaugural European Automation Summit – Futuristic and Feisty

Stanton Jones Research Alerts What Is Happening? Based on research findings, customer case studies, and participant feedback from ISG’s inaugural European Automation Summit in London, robotic process automation (RPA) is beginning to hit the enterprise mainstream across Europe, with mainstream cognitive automation just around the corner. Why Is It Happening? While ISG research indicates that […]

Das selbstlernende Unternehmen – Automatisierung als Basis für die kognitive Zukunft

ISG hat ein Fokuspapier erstellt, mit dem wir Entscheidern in den Unternehmen zu den Themen Robotik und Automatisierung Orientierung geben möchten. Darin möchten wir Ihnen folgende Themen erläutern: Warum eine schöne neue Welt auf uns wartet und Roboter keine Aliens sind Warum Menschen Roboter brauchen Warum Sie heute schon einen Plan brauchen Warum Sie den […]

Using Public Cloud? What You Don’t Know May Be Costing You

Charlie Burns Research Alerts What is Happening? Due to multiple drivers – most frequently, pursuit of reductions in operational costs – adoption of public cloud offerings is rapidly expanding among client enterprises. But disturbingly, in our ongoing research among clients, we find some enterprise IT executives belatedly learning that relatively under-publicized attributes of public cloud […]

Automation and AI Concerns – What They Mean and What To Do

Alex Bakker What is Happening? As multiple news sources have already pointed out, Hurricane Harvey will likely be a “breakout moment” for drones in commercial applications. Companies like ATT, Farmers Insurance, and Allstate will be deploying drones to facilitate the inspections of infrastructure and buildings to evaluate necessary repairs and, especially, insurance claims. By leveraging […]

Automation and AI Concerns – What They Mean and What To Do

What is Happening? ISG research into the adoption and application of automation and AI in user enterprises indicates no single factor, or even top-tier set of business or IT factors, specifically inhibiting widespread adoption of automation & AI. Instead, potential adopters cite a broad spectrum of known and expected obstacles, as summarized in Figure 1. […]

Aricent Analyst Day Highlights a Bifurcation in the Transition to Digital

Alex Bakker Research Alerts What is Happening? Last week ISG attended an analyst day with engineering services firm Aricent and their subsidiary Frog Design. While much of the content was under NDA, relating to specific instances of their work for customers, there were some details that highlight an important bifurcation in the service provider market. […]