Provider Positioning Problems – How to Differentiate

Rapid growth in enterprise spending on digital transformation, along with steadily accelerating change from traditional IT outsourcing to smaller and more-focused initiatives, has IT service providers and technology vendors working hard to reposition and differentiate themselves quickly. Unfortunately, we see too many failing at this important task.

Hybrid Cloud – A Waypoint or the Endpoint

Whether by design or by chance, “hybrid IT” is becoming ubiquitous. But, opinions about hybrid vary among enterprise IT executives, providers, and industry pundits. Some consider a hybrid IT infrastructure to be ideal. Others consider hybrid IT to be a step along the path to a future consisting of only public cloud-based infrastructure. Our work with enterprises suggests three reasons why a hybrid IT infrastructure is – and, will remain – popular: project management, workload characteristics, and regulatory compliance.

Trends and Developments Shaping Enterprise IT Through 2018

As a result of ongoing discussions with IT providers, enterprise business executives and enterprise IT executives, we have identified key areas that will influence enterprise IT directions and shape the IT market in 2018. We group these 2018 projections into two overarching themes: Technology Transformation and Function Flux. We briefly define and discuss each trend and conclude with some actionable guidance.

Broadcom, Qualcomm, and Enterprise IT Uncertainty

What is Happening? The potential Broadcom acquisition of Qualcomm, announced Monday last week, continues to surface in our conversations with clients. The conversations tend to focus more on the potential impacts on mobile devices and networking, but the disruptive effects will also reach deeply into the typical enterprise and services provider data centers. To recap: […]

ISG Provider Lens™ Report – Digital Workplace and Provider Positioning

Shachi Jain Research Alerts What is Happening? ISG’s Provider Lens™ Quadrant research study on Digital Workplace Services for the U.S. market indicates a surge in the usage of digital technologies in the modern workplace to enable anytime, anywhere, any device for employees. With workplace no longer being confined to a physical location or on a […]

An Effective Service Costing Model: Hybrid Roles Play a Key Part

Matt Erickson Research Alerts Summary and Key Takeaway Technology Business Management (TBM) is transformational, but until the present, the focus has been on obtaining cost transparency through data and analytics. Yet once a Service Costing model is in place, many client enterprises often find themselves asking “What’s next?” Having an effective and efficient service costing […]